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Blitz Quick Tutorials are Back! Here is What You Have Missed…

Whenever I am approached at events, the most common thing I hear is, “I used to watch your gloving tutorials when I started. You taught me so much!” I wanted to revisit my roots of making tutorials but do it with a new and modern spin. Instead of teaching these […]

Bringing Back the Old with the New! Unreleased Emazing Glovesets?!

Hi, wow! I never expected to be filming in front of the Emazinglights backdrop again. But here we are! I’m very excited that Emazing brought me in to film in front of the backdrop that gave me my start in gloving & lightshows. While my first videos were rocky and […]

What Happens Every Time You Plug Your Glover Promo Code?

Let me preface this blog post by saying I am not a marketing expert. I did not go to school for business. But  over the years of growing and expanding the Blitzen brand I have learned a couple things. Especially when it comes to taking your gloving beyond the internet […]

I Am Blitzen

Blitzen is a glover, actress, and internet personality. Blitzen made her first debut in the gloving world at Ultra Music Festival in 2011 and since then has made appearances in music videos for top Electronic Dance Music artists, international advertisements, and multiple viral performance videos. Today she is signed by an agency in her hometown of Los Angeles where she continues to make a career for herself and pursue her passion!

As a born and raised Los Angeles native, Blitzen pursued a national athletic career in fencing  culminating with a Northwestern University degree in Film and Music. A self taught glover, Blitzen is known on both the national and international gloving stage. She truly believes that her musical ability has provided her the inspiration to master gloving with a unique artistic expression that is beloved by her fans and supporters.

Blitzen regularly performs with EmazingLights around the country and most recently shot an international Mazda commercial in Tokyo Japan featuring her gloving. Future plans include continual inspiration and support for the gloving community with the commitment to pursuing future projects in the entertainment industry.

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